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By the Cup or by the Pound

Alcona Coffee Co. is a unique blend of coffee shop and carry-out delicatessen, featuring our own blends of coffee served hot, iced, or by the pound in whole bean. We always have a pot of freshly brewed coffee on, as well as great espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, chai and other specialty coffee and tea drinks. Our deli serves up such house-made specialties as corned beef, pulled pork, pastrami, and a variety of ever-changing specials. Our bakery offers sweet treats such as cookies, biscotti, brownies and muffins. Please stop in and see why we're gaining the reputation of having "The Finest Coffee in the North" and lots more!

At Alcona Coffee Co., we believe that freshness is the key to a great cup of coffee. That's why our coffee is roasted in small batches and delivered to us fresh from our roasters each week. And why when you get a hot cup from us, it was ground just before brewing. And why when you take home a pound of our whole beans, you can be assured of having "THE FINEST COFFEE IN THE NORTH!"

— Pat Bushey, proprietor, Alcona Coffee Company

Our House Coffees

Harrisville Harbor Roast

Our daily pour, always available hot, iced, or whole bean. This unique blend of Central American and African beans is roasted a step past medium, but not to a full dark roast. Delicious, and our customers' favorite!

Sturgeon Point Roast

Our house blend of Central American and African beans, roasted to medium. A fine, mellow cup, with a milder flavor than Harrisville Harbor Roast.

Black River Blend

This is our house blend of beans, but is actually two different roasts tossed together. We've taken 75% Sturgeon Point (Medium) Roast and tossed it with 25% French (Dark) Roast to make a unique blend with dark notes in a milder brew.

French Roast

Our house blend of Central American and African beans roasted dark in a traditional French roast. A delicious, hearty cup!

Barton City Decaf

Our house blend, decaffeinated with the European process.

Fair Trade and Organic Coffees

The Fair Trade label is your assurance that the farmers who grow the coffee are receiving a fair price for their harvest.

Mexican Organic Fair Trade Decaf

A truly great decaf... A medium/dark roasted organic, with a full, rich flavor. One of the best decafs we've ever tasted.

Guatemalan Organic Fair Trade

A rich, mellow, medium-roasted organic from a region that traditionally produces some of the finest beans in the world.

Sumatran Organic Fair Trade

The deep, full bodied flavor of a great Sumatran.

Special Order Coffees

Looking for a special coffee or particular favorite that's hard to find?
At Alcona Coffee we have a number of special-order coffees available, usually arriving within a few days of order, freshly roasted and ready to brew! (Five pound minimum on special orders, please.) Call or e-mail for current market price.

Central and South America

Colombian Excelso, Colombian Supremo, Brazilian Cerrido Minas Gerais, Mexican Altura-Veracruz/Chiapas/Oaxaca, Guatemalan SHB (Strictly Hard Bean), Guatemalan Antigua, Costa Rican SHB/Tarrazu, Panama Boquete, Nicaraguan SHG (Strictly High Grown), Jamaican Blue Mountain, Jamaican High Mt. - Baron Hall Estate


Kenyan AA, Ethiopian Ghimbi, Ethiopian Harrar, Ethiopian Sidamo, Ethiopian Yrgacheffe, Zimbabwean AA, Tanzanian Peaberry, Rwandan

Near East and India

Yemeni Mocha Mattari/Sanani, Indian Plantation AA, Turkish Style Blend

Indonesia and Pacific

Sumatra Mandheling, Java Estate, Mocha Java, Sulawesi (Celebes) Toraja, Papua New Guinea A, Hawaiian Kona Fancy, Hawaiian Kauai Peaberry
Dark Roast Coffees

Viennese Roast ~ French Roast ~ Italian Roast ~ Portofino Italian Roast

Contact us

If you would like to reach us by phone, please call (989) 724-7071. We would be happy to help you and let you know about our latest coffees and any specials we are currently offering. If you are not familiar with Alcona Coffee Co. and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

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Alcona Coffee Co. is located in Harrisville, Michigan, along the Lake Huron shore in Northern Lower Michigan. We are about 200 feet east of the intersection of U.S. 23 and M-72 (Main Street) at 116 E. Main. Stop by for a cup of "The Finest Coffee in the North!"